NedPhO GO! in schools

Nedpho-go-schoolsOf course you’ll hardly ever see classical music between songs by Black Eyed Peas and Beyoncé on schoolchildren’s iPods. Enthusiasm for this music rapidly develops, however, when real classical musicians come to a school with their instruments. Links are made and musical contacts established by connecting this music with the world that the children experience every day.

Music is one of the most powerful of all of the performing arts when it comes to inspiring and challenging children and young people. Many of them have no contact with classical music at home; the NedPhO|NKO aims to change this situation with workshops, visits to rehearsals, school concerts, concerts in concert halls and education programmes.

Music captivates and connects 

One of the many examples of the above is the project at the De Vlugtschool in Amsterdam-West. After an intense workshop there timpanist Peter Elberse says that ‘You feel that the kids know that they’re doing something special. You see their astonishment and their enthusiasm. I really enjoy that.’

Nico Raat, music teacher of the same school: ‘Music helps you to get further with your life. At school we have many immigrant pupils with limited vocabularies; they learn new words by singing. Music-making is also good for their personal development: they can show something of themselves when they perform. And they learn to look at and listen to other people with respect.’

Percussionist Theun van Nieuwburg: ‘The kids are so enthusiastic. Music really seems to bring them together.’

Primary education

Primary educationNedPhO GO! organises several different projects for primary schools that can be utilised separately or in combination by the school. NedPhO GO! also intends to create special connections with various schools: this will involve a mutual commitment over a period of several years through which an 8-year programme of music education will be created in collaboration with the individual schools.

The Learning Orchestra

The Learning Orchestra

The Learning Orchestra is an innovative music education programme that sets out to give primary school children the chance of a musical development by teaching them to play an instrument. The children in the Learning Orchestra are quickly given the opportunity to show what they have learnt in a real orchestra. Such an experience provides both motivation and stimulation.
Once a week all the children will receive a group lesson on a particular instrument in school time. Specific orchestral parts will be prepared and the children will be involved with an orchestra right from the start. A new orchestra will be formed every year with the new pupils; earlier pupils will go through to the second, third and fourth year orchestras.
The Learning Orchestra is an initiative of Marco de Souza, the director of Muziekcentrum Zuidoost. The NedPhO is an enthusiastic supporter of this initiative. All the children who take part in the first year orchestra make a special visit to a rehearsal of the NedPhO or the KNO. NedPhO musicians will also play with the students during rehearsals and performances of the Learning Orchestra. Special complimentary and reduced-price tickets will encourage the children and their parents to attend a live concert given by the NedPhO. Many NedPhO musicians are the subject of exciting short films that are used in the Learning Orchestra’s training process.