Support NedPhO GO!

Support NedPhO GO!

NedPhO GO! has put down strong and lasting roots in all levels of Amsterdam society with its more than 100 enthusiastically-received projects each year. These unique events include projects for young people in low-income areas, performances for mentally-handicapped children, concerts in nursing homes, workshops in schools and performances in hospitals for adults and children. NedPhO GO! was the first organisation to carry out such work and by so doing has set the tone for a new trend in the cultural sector.
NedPhO GO! was subsidised to a great extent by Stichting Doen in its initial phases; this initial support has now ended. There is now a unique possibility of sponsoring this wide-ranging social initiative, one that has already succeeded in touching the lives of a large number of people and that is immensely valued by them.

Why should you support us?

  • Classical music is an inspiring force that can change and shape lives
  • Classical music brings people together
  • Everyone has the right to enjoy culture at the highest level
  • NedPhO GO! provides a counterweight to the lessening passive experience of culture
  • NedPhO GO! lets children and young people come into contact with classical music who would not ordinarily have the opportunity
  • NedPhO GO! reaches young people by searching out cross-references between classical music and other artistic disciplines and forms of music
  • NedPhO GO! makes classical music accessible and attainable for everyone in the city

Existing projects:

  • Concerts for intellectually handicapped children
  • Performances in old-age and nursing homes
  • Private concerts for sick children in the Emma Kinderziekenhuis AMC
  • Music for senior citizens with Alzheimer’s
  • Concerts in community centres and parks and in various unusual locations in the city
  • Pre-schoolers’ project ‘De Khoornixappel’
  • Music theatre performances such as ‘Vriendjes' and ‘Rotbeesten’ for children 6 years and older
  • Composers’ workshops for young people
  • Educational concerts in schools and in the Beurs van Berlage
  • Percussion workshops in schools in the Bijlmer and elsewhere
  • Youth orchestra weekends: the coaching of talented young people and amateur musicians
  • Symphony for all: professionals and amateurs perform a symphony composed expressly for this purpose
  • Experiments with music during the Museumnacht

What we can do for you in return:

  • A performance by an instrumental ensemble in your office or place of business
  • Your firm’s name in all programme material of NedPhO GO!, its website and all publicity where our activities take place
  • Visits to rehearsals with employees or business contacts
  • Workshop with musicians of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra / Netherlands Chamber Orchestra for employees or business contacts
  • A concert / performance for (e.g.) the children of your employees
If you would like to know more about this, please contact Bas van Donselaar, manager PR & Sponsoring. Tel: 020-521 75 53 or e-mail: