TalentHundreds of thousands of people regularly play classical music with great pleasure, either as amateurs or with the intention of creating a future for themselves in music. Musicians of the NedPhO|NKO are happy to share their expertise with such players as part of NedPhO GO! Talent. Personal collaborations such as these are an excellent way of extending and strengthening a student’s musicality.

image: A youth orchestra takes wing

A successful example of this manner of teaching is our coaching project with the Amersfoorts Jeugd Orkest. The young musicians received coaching from musicians of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra who play the same instrument and who therefore occupy ‘their’ place in the orchestra. It is precisely this direct approach and relationship that is so effective and so inspiring.

One of the young players: ‘You learn how to look at music in a different way, not simply at the notes on the page. How do you make contact with the other musicians around you from your place in the orchestra? How can you listen and look at the others? And then you realise that it’s suddenly all working!’